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Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I have over twenty-eight years of translation experience. I'm specialised in translating art and culture-related texts, including exhibition texts, books, articles and catalogues. Museums and other cultural institutions I translate for include the Van Gogh Museum, the Amsterdam City Archives, the National Archives in The Hague and Teylers Museum, Haarlem.

My book translations include the exhibition catalogue John Constable, Teylers Museum, curator Jurriaan Benschop’s books on contemporary art Why Paintings Work and Salt in the Wound. Encountering Contemporary Artists Across Europe, architect Paula van der Heiden’s Interiors of the Binnenhof. Hidden Heritage Illuminated, Kristine Groenhart’s children’s book Orsippus and the Daily Mile, and Dutch stand-up comedian Vincent Bijlo’s novel The Institute.

My other translations include short stories, essays, lectures, interviews, WWII diary excerpts, and poetry.

I have been accredited by the Dutch Foundation for Literature, for whom I've translated a variety of texts over the years.

In 2022, I took part in the workshop Sensitivity Reading Tools for Translation by sensitivity reader Lynn Brown (US), Literaire Vertaaldagen, Amsterdam, 2 July 2022

Onderaan mijn lijst vertalingen Nederlands-Engels staat een overzicht van mijn vertalingen Engels-Nederlands. Dit betreft fictie, non-fictie en poëzie.